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    Default Grey TFC Toque Giveaway from 2018 - Looking For!

    Hey All,

    This is a bit of a long shot, but I've exhausted other options.

    I am in search of a grey, pom-pom TFC Toque that was giveaway at BMO Field.
    It would have been 2018 or 2019. A fan appreciation end of year game, or maybe a home opener, can't quite recall.

    The toque has a TFC logo on one side and the BMO logo on the other.

    In short, my young daughter has been wearing this toque for a few years, however it has gone missing. It's been a few months trying to locate, but it never came home from school one day, so here we are.

    I would happily offer a more than fair price, even for a gently used one. Often we get TFC schwag, and sometimes it sits around with minimal use, so I figured perhaps someone here has this toque and they would be willing to part with it.

    I'm a SSH in section 111, I'm at most every game or will cover cost for mailing.

    Private Message me, thank you for reading.

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