This is it for the playoffs

All games eastern conference will be played at 2:30 and 5:00 for the west.

Wonder what this day next year will look like on apple tv an mls redzone style??


Atlanta vs NYCFC- New York playing for home field Atlanta for pride

Chicago Vs REVS- Both teams just giving their fans something to cheer about.....kinda like us

DC VS CINCY- CINCY must win here can dc play spoilers as the worst team in mls

INTER vs IMPACT- IF we are gonna keep the forever in our shadows slogan up then i don't want montreal to have any success......NONE

NYRB vs Cincy- NYRB okaying for home field but thats all

Orlando vs Colubus- This is a gonna b a juicy one. Orlando already shit the bed against Inter but so did CBUS. A WIN by any team here and their in pretty much. ANY OTHER results could result in end of the line.

Austin vs Colorado- really nothing to see here kinda pointless game but enjoy

Dallas vs sporting- home field for dallas but that is about it.

Houstin vs Galaxy- IT would take a disaster for the galaxy to not make it. I think though they have done enough.

LAFC vs Nashville- Too teams you could see in the playoffs. Its now or never for LAFC

Minnesota vs Vancouver- low budget no problem for the whitecaps. A win here with some results could get them in and it would be the second year in a row i think where this just sneak in.

SALT LAKE vs Portland- This is the big game of the west as a loss here for both teams could be done for them. Portland could loss or tie and depending on other results could just be enough.

SOUNDERS vs San jose- What a run by seattle but it has come to an end. Winning CL at the cost of playoffs successful year or no? All I have to say they have been the team of the decade for me and it hurts to say that.