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These guys both strike me as hard working and brutally objective. Good things. I don’t think they are trying to pull the wool over anyones eyes but it could be self awareness is not their forte.

The press conference earlier this year when Bob absolved Michael of coughing up a ball leading to a goal was telling. MB looked very at fault in that replay. But more importantly, answering that question was a political landmine. The right answer was to put MB to the sword regardless of the objective outcome of the play.

One, because he’s the captain and is held to a higher standard. Two, because if you don’t make it abundantly clearly your kid plays by same rules everyone else does you lose the room. And sometimes that means he’s got to be judged to a harsher standard than others.
That one was baaaaaaad. He didn't just not put him to the sword, he publicly blamed another player who was 0% at fault. That was day one in me seriously questioning what was going on there, and to your point, if I'm in the dressing room that is not going unnoticed

He didn't even have to put him to the sword, just give a generic 'He knows he can do better, blah blah blah'. Almost anything other than "It was Pozuelos fault". We could all see the same replay, that had angry parent at a parent teacher meeting "My son couldn't possibly have gotten these grades" energy and that's not a good look