Its getting down to the end of the season and if you are on the fence about taking the time to watch other games in mls now is probably the time as some of these games will affect our TFC. IF there is one thing i learned lately from watching other games is that the reffing isn't just bad in our tfc games its league wide. Most games i have seen lately in the league have has sub par reffing and its making he league look really bad.

LAFC vs DC united- really nothing to say here but LAFC big stars did not play last game and this should be a win for LAFC even if they rotate the squad. This win would be good to keep DC at bay behind us.

ATLANTA vs NYRB- Atlanta loss here will be very good for us. NYRB struggling as of late but could come back to preform well. Lets hope for the best outcome for us here

NYCFC vs CHARLOTTE- New york dropped points last game but a win here will help us for our play off goal. Can New york cope without taty?

Dallas vs Philly- Both strong teams but different conferences. If your into the supporters shield then watch this game. (Although its pretty much LAFC's to lose.

Vancouver vs Colorado- Both teams trying to make the playoffs in the west. Cavallini comes back from suspension. Expect Van city to get scored on early a few times then try and make a late comeback.

Side note- All these game will have terrible and basic reffing mistakes. If you think the European refs etc are bad and controversial look no further than MLS refs who cant do the basics.