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I understand nothing about what ultimately influences players when they have to choose countries... having said that, I have no idea why Akinola would choose Canada on the merits.

The US is unsettled at striker (Jozy may be still actually the preferred option). I am not a big student of the USMNT setup so I am guessing Ayo is one of maybe 5-7 guys they might look at.

Ayo has a shot, a legit shot, to be a major player for a team at World Cup 2022. Guess which one is more likely?

The US is miles ahead of us in facilities, funding, everything. They qualify every time (or should, if they don’t it's a major upset). Canada doesn’t (if they do, it will be a major surprise).

I know what I would do.
While I don't blame anyone for which country they choose. I would rather gouge out my eyes than represent America. If I had my choice based on my history, I would be torn if offered Netherlands, but would likely still end up with Canada. I am Canadian.