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    Default TFC Merch Charitable Auction - You Name the Cause

    Here’s how this works. You post below how much you are prepared to donate and to what cause. I will pick someone based on amount and cause – highest amount may not necessarily win, but it always helps. If the offers aren’t “compelling” enough, I may do nothing.

    Then you make the donation in your name (you can keep the tax receipt), and you come over to my house in central Toronto, show me the donation receipt, and pick up the loot.

    This "competition" will run until Sunday January 9th at 10pm.

    If you don’t win, it’s still a chance to raise awareness for a good cause.

    First, tickets:

    - 2007: Games 1 and 2 from the 2007 season. Game 1 is the ticket they sent, not the scarf. Game 2 is of course the Dichio first goal game.
    - 2007: FIFA U 20 Final (Kun Aguero’s coming out party)
    - 2008: Away at Columbus for the opener
    - 2008: MLS All Star game ticket
    - 2009: Away at KC for the opener
    - 2010: Away at NYRB
    - 2010: MLS Cup
    - Various other tickets from 2008-2012, including four full sets from 2011.
    - And the piece de resistance….2018: Away at Guadalajara for the 2018 CCL Final

    Second, a group of yearbooks from 2007, 2008, 2010 and 2011. I will throw in game programs from two different World Cups, 1994 and 2010.

    Third, the piece de resistance, a 2007 jersey signed by many members of the 2008 team, including Dichio. Includes COA and photos of the players signing the jersey.

    Pics here:

    Will throw in some other bumpf I have lying around.

    Only intent here is to have some fun, and to highlight/support a good cause or two.
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    This is a very cool idea! Great on ya!!



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