Was I seeing things or did i just see a ad from Tfc for seasons for 2021? Not sure if I would jump on this as we donít know when we will be allowed to be back in bmo let alone how many ppl. Also it is funny how it took soooo long to get refunds and how quick they are to sell start selling this. Some ppl I know still havnt got their refunds yet. They said a that mlse was mailing them a cheque. Iím all for sports and going to games and being a fan but I mean this is just very poor taste from them. We are going into problably a second wave, refunds took along time, and Iím know a lot of ppl who just are making the income they use to and had to give their seasons up cuase itís just hard times. Like does mlse know something we donít about covid. Are we going back to Normal in March 2021?

Whatís ur thoughts everyone ?