For everyone following this tournament, have you noticed how poor TFC's fitness level is compared to every other team? I know it's hot and it's sort of "pre-season" but I watched a lot of these matches and you see a team like SJ doing man to man pressing for 90+ minutes and still going strong while we collectively look done by the 45-60 minute part of matches while playing our slower type game. But it's not just SJ, every team I have watched looks better conditioned than us. Like I said earlier, maybe we're taking it easy in training because of the heat but we haven't really seemed a very fit squad for some time. Not sure who is directy responsible for that department but ultimately, it goes to Vanney and it's something we should be working on.

Now to the main problem of the past few years. Conway is trash. Under his watch we've seen Irwin's level decline to the point he isn't a MLS starter anymore even after leaving. We've seen Bono go from up & coming USMNT prospect to a shaky bench option at best and now there has been some noticible regression in Westberg as well. His distribution numbers have slipped since he started under Conway much like every other GK's did. No GK we have had has improved in any way under Conway, vets or rookies and it's something that should be addressed. Really we should be coaching guys up to better levels. Vanney has done that with some players (not all) and that's what great teams do. I always wondered what qualifications Conway had for this gig other than marrying Andi Petrillo.

Anyone else notice any of this?