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    Quote Originally Posted by OgtheDim View Post
    This team was designed for one big push in 2020.

    Could still do some damage.

    But there has to be turnover into next season.

    I don't think we make a move during this transfer window.

    But the 2015-2018 days are over.

    I suspect there is going to be a lot of pain next season as this team transitions to the next phase. Lots of MLS teams talk about seemlessly moving as a dynasty from one group to the next. Yet to see any body actually do it.


    this was my one fear with Ali Curtis coming in, relying on building from within too much, look at the NYRB decline. it only works in this league if you augment it with some true quality DPs and very solid TAMs. The Bradley move was smart but that was as much MB as anyone else. Make no bones about it, he hates to lose.

    Build from within gets you your depth and surprise gems and it is absolutely necessary for the growth in North America but there is no reason for TFC to go into full re-build. We have a good base, find the missing pieces and implement. But you must do both.

    Not saying this because it was a loss but we also need a fire lit under the players. Is that internal team leadership or is it coaching.
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