I thank a lot of you for teaching me a lot more about soccer and the historical aspects of it. Formation wise and tactics. My question to you is I get this is a bad thread please give me a chance to explain In thinking through my head, has there been a lot of examples throughout of teams winning on the road in front of such big crowds. Thinking back through the years I'm sure it has happened at World Cups where the hosts play, and Champions league this isn't really something I can look up. I mean like a team winning under such circumstances I'm trying to get more confident. The Atlanta win does that. But through history in other leagues and competitions what stands out when I ask this.. Giving this thread like 5 hours lol because I don't think I will get any responses and if so great I would love to start a thread to talk history of the game more and learn a lot. Maybe examples throughout your life of teams you cheered for and against... I'm sorry in advance this is a thread I wanted to start.