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I don't get protecting Bono at all. Who exactly do they think rates Bono on $380K? It's bizarre.

Miami acquired a USA U23 GK from the Quakes a few days ago. He cost them $150K in TAM. If you want a more proven option, Portland exposed Jeff Attinela, who has every bit as good a resume as Bono, probably better, and makes $187K.

I would watch Bez here. He is in wheel and deal mode.

Morrow is from Ohio and on $330K represents Deleon type value -the Crew had a big problem at LB when Valenzuela went down, and who knows if/when Valenzuela can play...
Bono is still Generation Adidas as of 2019 season thus automatically protected.


Generation adidas players who have not been graduated at the end of the 2019 MLS Season and Homegrown Players (ages 25 and under –born in or after 1994) on a club’s Roster at the end of the 2019 MLS Season are automatically protected. Clubs do not have to use a protected slot on them.