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    Default Other MLS Games This Weekend - Aug 17-18


    NER @ NYRB 7pm
    - Red Bulls took on LAFC away last week & came closer then many. NER did 1 point better in Seattle. I suspect Arena is the difference in this game. What we want? A draw in theory but an away loss stopping NER's momentum might be more useful in the long run

    NYC @ Cinci 7:30pm
    - IF the coaching change made a difference to Cinci, this is the week it should start to show. The Pigeons have a better away record then Cinci has a home one. What we want? Cinci win

    Dallas @ Montreal 7:30pm - The guys go to Urruti's new digs. Two teams on the cusp of the playoffs needing a win What we want? Montreal loss with a lot of red cards & general sadness.

    Philly @Chicago 8:30pm
    - Chicago not hiding its intentions about next year but still in with an outside chance at the playoffs. Philly needs to keep winning because Atlanta is starting to charge. What we want? Philly win to move the Fire farther away.

    Orlando @ Minnesota 8pm
    - Allianz field is tough to play in. Loons recovered from the first loss in 11 with a midweek win. Orlando is hanging tough with us. What we want? BIG Minnesota win

    San Jose @ SKC 8:30pm
    - A loss here & SKC is in tough. San Jose played Columbus & Colorado & got only 1 point. They need a result. What we want? SKC is done with the East but SJE has a few games that might help us. SJE win.

    Colorado @ Houston 9pm - Houston fired their coach - Colorado can't find one. What we want? Houston has 1 game against Orlando while we play Colorado. Houston win.

    Seattle @ LAGalaxy 10pm - 2 teams needing the right the ship after a couple of so so weeks. A win here & LAG begins to seperate themselves. What we want? Galaxy host Montreal while SEA plays both NYRB & DCU. A draw to keep them fighting each other hard.

    LAFC @ RSL 10:0pm - RSL is a good home team & has moved on from Petke. LAFC is on another planet. What we want? LAFC is a juggernaut but RSL doing well against NER in a few weeks would be helpful. RSL win.

    DCU @ Vancouver 10:30pm - You'd think the team that clamped down on Zlatan last week would be able to go away and beat Vancouver. What we want? Vancouver win


    Atlanta @ Portland 10pm
    - Atlanta wants to show they can win anywhere but their road form is horrid. Portland has 4 wins out of the last 5 & is talking revenge for last year's MLS Cup Final. What we want? Comprehensive Portland win



    NER & NYRB 1-1 draw

    2-0 NYC win

    2-1 Montreal win

    2-2 draw

    2-1 Loons win

    2-1 SKC win

    2-0 Colorado win

    3-1 LAG win

    LAFC 3-1 win

    1-1 draw

    3-1 Portland win

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    Disappointed (again) with TFC match last night.
    Doesn't seem to be any urgency or fight with this club anymore?
    We watched DC and the Whitecaps after the poor performance of TFC in Columbus.
    Now that was a match in Vancouver that had energy and excitement.
    Couldn't believe WFC are a last place club they way they played last night . . .



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