Orlando @ NYCFC 1pm - Not sure NYC turned things around as much as happened to get 2 teams that play into their style. Orlando has been one good result one bad result for much of this season so far. What I'm looking at? Can Orlando's frenetic pace do well in that baseball stadium

San Jose @ FCD 3:30pm - As is the nature of MLS, 3 results in 4 games means you are the Next best thing. What will I be looking at after our game? Can the San Jose one on one handle a team who pings the ball quickly all across the pitch like no other in this league since us in 2017

Philly @ Vancouver 5pm
- Long trip for Philly before a home in conference game on Wednesday. Vancouver needs to grab points like this if they have any hope of being respectable. What will I be looking at? Does either team have the resliance to grab this game

Colorado @ Atlanta 6pm
- the gift for any team needing a lift - the Rapids are BAD What will I be looking at? We play in Atlanta in 10 days

Cinci @ NYRB 7pm
- The way things have been going for NYRB, a Cinci win here is not out of the question. What will I be looking at? If NYRB goes back to the press, how would Cinci handle it

Columbus @ Houston 8:30pm - Houston & Columbus record after 6 games is the same - but Columbus has played 3 more games - all losses What will I be looking at? Can Porter coach this team out of a funk

NER @ SKC 8:30pm - SKC is a funk of late too but NER is way more predicatable to play against then SJE right now. What I will be looking at? How many goals will SKC score


Chicago @ Montreal 12:30pm - The Fire just isn't that good. But Montreal is coming off an exhausting mid week hell trip. What I will be looking at? Is the Fire better with Paunovic suspended then with him on the sidelines

DCU @ Minnesota 1:30pm - If DCU can grit one out at Columbus mid week, you'd think they'd be able to take apart the Loons defence What I will be looking at? Apparently the grass at this field is not as good as advertised

LAFC @ Seattle 3:30pm - GAME OF THE WEEKEND - Once more into the breach for Seattle versus the best team in MLS right now What I will be looking at? Can LAFC win a game on turf

RSL @ LAG 8pm -
RSL just isn't good enough which of course means LAG will struggle What I will be looking at? LAG crosses A LOT - can they learn to pass through the lines in time against what will probably be 2 banks of 5