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This is how a number of players feel, where who you represent is who gives you the biggest advantage.

Some of us feel that the country that actually gave you your advantages deserves you representing them, rather than your grandfather's country, and would respectfully disagree.

Now I've seen it argued that Canada is so deep in his position that Telfer couldn't even hope for a sniff at the CMNT. In that case, it's understandable. However, he shouldn't count as a "domestic" player any more for the CPL. The whole purpose of having the CPL is to help the CMNT.
This issue is a biggie in world football. It tore apart the French team about 7 years ago, and cost Laurent Blanc the French MNT job.

(France produces a ton of U 21 players who decide to ultimately play for North and West African national teams, and Blanc was taped suggesting that France have an unstated quota on U 21s that had dual nationalities.)