FIRST OFF: He's not gone yet, hence the 'pre-appreciation' moniker. I just don't ever want to see a "Jonathan Osorio Appreciation Thread".

People, the man has improved from what was a decent player into a player that is crucial for the team.
His national team game as captain was incredible. The guy is improving, and is crucial to the club and country.
The following is a post that I made after Leg 1 of the CCL QFinals March 7th 2018.

Benrhodes23 said it best, with a nice prediction:

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Osorio is usually so meh.

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Osorio what was that.

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Yup. I like the guy and he's good enough for MLS, but too slow in decision making for this level

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Would've taken Oso off instead of Delgado, but hey we'll see.

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You could put a thought bubble above Osorio when the ball comes to him near an opposing player: "holy shit holy shit holy shit"

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I TAKE IT back osoriooooooooo

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That a make up for earlier. lolol

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I need to think of more critisms for Osorio

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Osorio is the greatest finisher of the modern era.

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What an insane finish from Osorio! I think he's going to have a good season, at least the early indications are that he will. I wish more fans would support him week in and week out, as opposed to just when he scores

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We are the better team.

I'm another moron who always shits on Oso...but fuck, about time we support our boy, hes been our best player since the MLS final.

Guys can we seriously stop shitting on him...

I know mostly it's in jest from you guys... but please look at what he's put out there over the last six months.

He looks to be taking a step forward in his game.., a page out of Giovinco if you will. His touches are crisper and more decisive.. he missed a sitter today and then goes out and gets a back heel goal that was way harder to score than the sitter he missed. Altidore had a chance that I wouldn't exactly call a sitter but we all stand by him.

Let's stand by our home grown, especially when he's clearly producing.