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    Cool 2017 Membership for New Members

    This is the opportunity to join in with Red Patch Boys this year and support the cause!

    Being a part of the Red Patch Boys of course starts for many in the stands, with voices cheering on TFC. Becoming an RPB member allows you to go beyond and get more involved, bringing benefits and opportunities to show your support, contribute and be a part of more. Through passion, pride and purpose for the team and game we love.

    To become a member, send an email to with your name, a phone number where you can be reached and a time which is best to contact you. One of the membership team will be in contact with you to give you a little background about the group and talk to you about how to go about finalizing your membership. If someone in the group is vouching for you as a member, please let us know.

    All Members receive

    • A 2017 membership card, which entitles you to 15% off at Shoeless Joes (King & Dufferin location only) on non-game days;
    • 2017 dog tags (already available)
    • A drawstring bag with the RPB logo (already available)
    • Access to member’s only sections of the boards;
    • Access to season’s seats in RPB sections, subject to availability
    • The chance to participate at RPB only events, such as our year end party (which usually has a player or two in attendance) and RPB football tournaments;
    • The chance to have your child participate as a player escort on the field at a TFC game (which will be in April 2017)
    • Access to RPB road trip information, including ticket and hotel deals;
    • Participation on one of the RPB teams, either drumming, leading songs in the stands or helping out with banners
    • The chance to vote on RPB design competitions and player of the year awards;
    • Attendance at special events – RPB have been invited to attend some press conferences and we’ve had meetings with Tim Bezbetchenko and players at Shoeless Joes during the season
    • There are a couple of other items in the works for RPB members - details to follow later!

    Membership is $25 for the upcoming season to be a part of the Red Patch Boys, an incorporated not-for profit entity. All members are eligible to vote in any group elections or other corporate votes held during the year.

    Thanks for your interest in the 2017 Red Patch Boys!
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    I spoke with one of your representatives today about membership. When will 2018 members be available?



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