Real sports have a 75% off Fan Appreciation Sale in store June 8-10th.

I checked it out this morning and saw 3 racks of TFC gear quickly turn into 1 rack.

The remaining rack featured some of last years Light Grey Rain Jackets for $50 (reg. $189.99) L & 2XL only, Red Hoodies $25, Oynx Zip up sweaters $25, Oynx pull over, and various sweaters.
They also had some scarfs, TFC Soccer Socks (Home and away), and Hats for $10each.
No Jerseys on sale.

Earlier they did have Onyx golf shirts for $15, Black Coaching Jackets, and the white jackets. But those sold out quick.

Not sure if they will replenish the TFC Gear - if so please keep us posted.

They had a lot of Raptors and Maple Leafs gear as well.