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    I haven't started a thread or posted here in years but after what happened on Saturday I feel like I have to.

    This Saturday I was not able to go to the match so my wife took a friend of hers to the match, a newbie.

    Anyway, after Manneh scored the 3rd goal of the game and celebrated in front of the south end a pre-teen in 112 yelled out a racist term towards Manneh. My wife's friend was appalled. My wife didn't say anything because 1) she didn't actually hear it herself and 2) after this punk yelled it out someone either inadvertently or on purpose pushed the kid who was standing on the seat and he hit his tailbone on the chair causing him to cry. A little karmic justice so to speak. My wife's friend was further upset because the dad, who was standing beside his son, did not say anything. I, or my wife, have no issue with kids swearing while at a match - I remember one former member used to tell me he would tell his son the words you say here, you can't say at home.

    The reason I'm posting this is based on the description of the father and son they were or are members of RPB. And be this a warning if I ever hear anyone yell any racist epithets I will either personally confront you and/or have security toss you from the building. Same with any homophobic slurs and any egregious sexist terms. (Unfortunately those are still a little too common that many people would be tossed.)

    My wife is pretty easy going and has put up with a lot of crap at soccer matches and as a former ref but she was visibly upset when she told me the story yesterday. So if it happens again, trust me there will be consequences.

    Thank you.

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    I will say this - Racist or homophobic words will not be tolerated and there is no excuse for that ignorance. If that language is used regardless of group affiliation or age you will be reported to security.

    We are there to support the team, not spread hate or make an environment that is hostile to our own supporters.

    I am closing this thread as I can't see anything come from it other than speculation about the offending party. If someone wants to PM me about it please feel free to do so.
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