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I don't disagree beyond that all the other teams in the league have spent 8 weeks building attacking chemistry, while we have been playing a very defensive form a football.. not Preki Ball but still very defensive. It can work, so long as we don't loose any pieces. A injury her and a suspension there and we can fall apart because we aren't building that chemistry upfront. We have seen that with missed chances, and miscommunication.

My hope is that it gets better... however we are getting close to a set of games where we are going to lose likely both our primary strikers.. It would be nice to find a balance. Of course teams in this league play very differently at home than away, So that may change once we get home more.. like I say the Sky isn't falling but it isn't all Roses and Gummie Bears. There are things I'm concerned about, which may fade away by the end of May or may be full worry by the end of June.

This season will show what Vanney is capable off. He has everyone he could want really (minus striker depth) we need to be sitting in the top 3 of the east this year for this team to be a success. All that being said. I'm really pleased with the start of this season point wise.. I just wish they were a little hungry offensively. There is a balance that can be struck. We are supposed to have a League MVP and Golden Boot winner, and nearly the guy with the top assists last year. we should be more of an offensive threat. It is a concern.

weve had injuries here and there.
moore sick
endoh hurt
cheyrou red card / hurt
oasrio hurt

and we still did well.

If Morrow steps it up to his usual self, Osario plays as creatviely as he did last game and we find a winger I think we will do damn well.

Plus Jozys goals are coming, I sense he will hit his stride soon