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Michael has made $36M here and will therefore be a highly unusual free agent. The difference between what teams might offer him will have negligible impact on his net worth. Paying top dollar won't matter.

The LAFC stuff seems unlikely to me. Seems like a misread of the guy. Guys like Bradley want to compete with their Dad, not play for their Dad (and this is what made him great in big games btw)

I highly doubt Bradley will be a DP anywhere. But if he has to be a TAM player, I bet he leaves, he is much more likely to do that for a US based team, maybe somewhere where he can start building roots for his life after his playing days. That could be anywhere, and frankly a ton of teams could use the name recognition of Bradley more than LAFC would. Although if his wife loves Toronto, then he will maybe stay. But she is not from here, so I highly doubt that. I think he is 100% gone, he knows it, and that's what we are seeing.

Much more likely that he winds up in Columbus (probably my best guess - Bez needs to do something, and Columbus is a big USMNT town), Chicago or Philadelphia, than LAFC. I would also keep an eye on Seattle. This would be right up their alley (kind of like what they did with Chad Marshall). A good longshot bet is Michael going to Seattle now, before the deadline, imho.

Wild ass guess - I bet his next deal includes a path to management. That is I suspect what he is thinking about. Kind of like what Rooney just did.
Imagining a multi-millionaire name-brand (for America, at least in terms of hatred for him) deciding to head for his settle down years in Columbus is pretty funny.

Rooney’s wife: DC is too far from Ibiza. Let’s move back to England.

Bradley’s wife: Let’s spend the twilight of your career somewhere nice... like Columbus, OH.