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He looks very happy, good for him. I always rated him and at 28 would still look good in a Red shirt.
Sorry but this guy would not even make the bench on this current TFC team , there is a reason he played on one of the worst TFC teams ever and one of the worst defense in league history. He went to the NY Redbulls where he was awful and was eventually realeased and no MLS team picked him up. He went back to England where he could not cut it with a league 1 team and eventually retired and the old age of 28. I'm sure he is a great guy, always hard working, but you also need talent and a soccer brain to become a good player, just being a hard worker is not enough to make it as a good player, he was part of the futile TFC past who like I said would struggle to make it on the bench on our TFC team of today.