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    Post Morgan Campbell, One Last Ibrahim Post

    "I don't pretend to understand this business all the time.
    Some days it simply perplexes me.
    Today's one of them.
    Yesterday I wrote a little story about Abdus Ibrahim, who began training with Toronto FC about three weeks ago and officially became a member of the team last Friday.
    Woke up this morning to find that the story I wrote didn't make the paper, which is understandable given that all four teams in Euro 2008's "Group of Death" played on Tuesday. With a column on the Italy-France game and a story on Holland's win over Romania, there wasn't much room left for a TFC story, and I accept that.
    But I can't understand why the story didn't appear online.
    You could argue that with two pages of Euro we had given local sports fans enough soccer for one day, but a year and a half on the TFC beat have taught me an important lesson about soccer fans around here:
    Enough is never enough."
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