View Full Version : Gerry Dobson - Battered but not beaten

08-11-2008, 06:01 AM
Battered but not beaten

The most unlikely win in Toronto FC's short history; That's the way Soccercentral analyst Craig Forrest put it, and I don't know how anyone could argue.

It will have to be the most satisfying as well. They would never admit it, but even the team thought their chances were slim and none. Nobody saw it coming. During training on Friday at one of the 24 pitches (that's right, 24 pitches) they have adjacent to Dick's Sporting Goods Park, the mood was almost one of resignation. Who could blame them? Seven players were missing for a variety of reasons. Untried, unproven youngsters would be thrown into the breach. The team had just one away win all season. Colorado had been outshooting and outplaying their opponents heading in, although they had been unable to find a win recently as well.

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