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06-29-2018, 10:42 AM
Yup, its week two of watching MLS in the storm of watching the World Cup drama

Last week was better then I thought it was going to be but still...its not as compelling as what we saw this last week.

So, you've been warned.



FCD @ Minnesota 8pm - FCD got manhandled by NYRB, even when up a man. The Loons somehow managed to lose to Colorado. So both teams come into this game off something dispiriting. FCD is the better team but they are more mentally fragile then the Loons.
2-1 Minnesota


Portland @ Seattle 4:30pm Remember when this was THE big rivalry that MLS would talk about all week. Portland is so much the better team now. Their coach knows how to grind out results. In comparison, Seattle feels good about getting a point at home versus Chicago. Not going to be pretty.
3-1 Portland

Orlando @ Atlanta 7pm - Mismatch. Orlando's defence can't handle Atlanta's attack. Sure, Orlando might score a goal. They won't score 3.
3-1 for the home team

SKC @ Montreal 7pm - SKC is very good this season, so far. They tend to start falling apart in July, so we'll see. Until then, they should beat a Montreal team unable to beat a good team (we were not good against them).
2-1 for SKC

RSL @ Columbus 7:30pm- Columbus is a good team BUT - they havn't won for 5 games now. On the other hand, RSL is not good away at all. Columbus ball control will stifle RSL's 2013 circa attack strategy.
3-0 for Columbus

DCU @ NER 7:30pm - Nope....just Nope. Can't do it. The tought of watching these two teams on that carpet while listening to Paul Mariner.....:puke:
1-1 draw

NYC @ Chicago 8pm- A year ago, this would have been a great game with great attacks up against NYC's less then steller defence. Things have changed - Chicago gone a bit toothless & NYC being able to stop teams. Expect the NYC change to more pragmatism to continue this week - especially with Villla out.
2 - 0 NYC

Philly @ LAFC8pm - Philly has not been as bad as they were against us. BUT, LAFC is just a better team in attack with players who do score as against coming close to scoring.
3-1 LAFC

LAG @ SJE10pm- Another used to be big rivalry game. If LAG is going to turn things around & be a playoff team with Zlatan, they need 3 points here. SJE is just...not good but will be up for this game more then LA.
2-1 for SJE


Colorado @ Vancouver 7pm - Not really a game to make you want to get away from BMO & watch it. The Rapids are the worst team in the league. Vancouver should smash them.
4-0 Vancouver

06-29-2018, 10:50 AM
Oh, and Pride Night for the game tonight just got a little more important


(Loons player comes out as gay)

One day this will mean nothing but until then... :party:

06-30-2018, 06:44 AM
The Loons are......bad.

I expect a win midweek. Yes, its away, out of conference, on carpet. But of the two away games, this is the winnable one.

06-30-2018, 08:09 PM
Raheem Edwards sighting in the last minute of regulation, goes on to play 5 minutes for Montréal.

Red CB Toronto
06-30-2018, 09:01 PM
Man as much as I love my Reds, switching over to MLS action after watching the World Cup during the day is not easy, hopefully this weeks it better than it was on that bath tub last week.

07-02-2018, 07:19 PM
The Victor Rodriguez goal on the weekend was a top 10 goal of the year