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11-05-2017, 08:48 AM

:flare::drum::scarf:GAME DAY !:scarf::drum::flare:

TFC TV (http://www.torontofc.ca/videos)

Keys to the Match: New York Red Bulls at Toronto FC (2nd-Leg) - November 4, 2017 (https://www.torontofc.ca/post/2017/11/04/keys-match-new-york-red-bulls-toronto-fc-2nd-leg-november-4-2017?autoplay=true)

3 Keys to Toronto vs. New York Red Bulls (https://www.torontofc.ca/post/2017/11/04/3-keys-toronto-vs-new-york-red-bulls)

TFC HQ: Return Leg at BMO Field - November 4, 2017 (https://www.torontofc.ca/post/2017/11/04/tfc-hq-return-leg-bmo-field-november-4-2017?autoplay=true)

Vazquez, Moor return to full training (https://www.torontofc.ca/post/2017/11/04/training-notes-november-4-2017)

TORONTO FC, ALTIDORE LOOKING TO GET LAST LAUGH ON NEW YORK (http://www.sportsnet.ca/soccer/toronto-fc-tfc-mls-major-league-soccer-new-york-red-bulls-greg-vanney-jozy-altidore-michael-bradley/)

MLS playoffs: TFC readies for desperate Red Bulls charge (http://www.cbc.ca/sports/soccer/mls/toronto-fc-new-york-red-bulls-leg-2-mls-playoffs-1.4387930)

MLS Talking Points: Red Bulls Set To Attack Toronto, NYCFC's Tough Task And More (http://c.newsnow.co.uk/A/909379763?-19896:6206:0)

Toronto looks to finish off Red Bulls (http://c.newsnow.co.uk/A/909366760?-19896:6206:0)

Toronto FC kicks around every option with MLS season on line (http://c.newsnow.co.uk/A/909359279?-19896:6206:0)

"We have a great chance to get the job done in front of our fans, but it will take a full commitment." - Michael Bradley (https://www.torontofc.ca/post/2017/11/04/we-have-great-chance-get-job-done-front-our-fans-it-will-take-full-commitment?autoplay=true)

"We've had a good week of preparation. The guys are ready to get going and leave it all out on the field." - Greg Vanney (https://www.torontofc.ca/post/2017/11/04/weve-had-good-week-preparation-guys-are-ready-get-going-and-leave-it-all-out-field?autoplay=true)

:drum:Vote Seba for MLS Goal of the Year! (https://www.torontofc.ca/post/2017/11/04/sebastian-giovinco-att-2017-mls-goal-year):drum:

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11-05-2017, 09:44 AM
Match Day! The plot is not lost in November. Reds are back at home with us behind them as the quest goes on.
Join in.