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07-27-2008, 08:16 AM

Cunningham's TFC days numbered

Struggling veteran striker awaits ticket out of town after getting bumped to reserves

Morgan Campbell

When John Carver took over as Toronto FC's head coach he overhauled the team's locker rooms, placing the main roster players in the plush main room and moving the reserves to a less swanky spot across the hall.
Earlier this year Carver moved Jarrod Smith from the small locker room to the big one, letting the rookie know he had officially earned a spot on the grown-ups' roster.
And last week he demoted veteran striker Jeff Cunningham to the reserve locker room.
Though Cunningham is still part of the game-day roster, Carver said he wanted to save space in the main locker room for players who fit into the club's plans. And right now Cunningham, 31, doesn't.
Carver says he and Cunningham have already talked about the striker's status with the team, and the two have agreed that a trade should happen.
But nobody's sure when.
And without a timeline, the two men have no choice but to work together until director of soccer Mo Johnston can arrange a trade.
Carver says the situation isn't as awkward as it sounds.
"You still have to be professional and you still have to get on with it," Carver said.

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Not MLS related but interesting news:

British minister: EPL foreigner quotas


LONDON -- A British government minister has called for restrictions on the number of foreigners playing in the Premier League.

Andy Burnham, the culture, media and sport secretary, said he is prepared to lobby for a change in European Union law if it serves the interests of the England national team.

"There is an argument for a system of quotas, both in terms of supporting the national team and helping to secure more equal competition within the Premier League," Burnham said in Saturday's edition of The Times of London newspaper.

"I would be quite prepared to go to Europe and say this is our proposal, let's see if we can get clearance for this. Ultimately, sport is about national teams. European law should recognize the special nature of sport and be applied sensitively."

FIFA has proposed a quota system that would force teams to start matches with a minimum of six homegrown players. The scheme has the personal backing of FIFA president Sepp Blatter, and an overwhelming majority of delegates at FIFA's last annual conference voted in favour of the idea.

However, any quota system would be illegal under current EU law, which guarantees citizens the right to work in any member state.

Read more (http://www.sportsnet.ca/soccer/2008/07/26/Premier-Quotas-0/)

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07-27-2008, 08:34 AM
RSL try to stay afloat in first vs. Reds
Western Conference leaders host Toronto FC on Monday night

Still sitting atop the Western Conference, Real Salt Lake return home to Rice-Eccles Stadium to take on Toronto FC on a rare edition of Monday Night Football. The teams are both unbeaten on their home fields this season, but Toronto FC is on the road - where they have won just once in seven games this year. RSL has two more points than TFC and have played two more games, but the Reds find themselves tied for fourth place in the East.


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