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05-17-2014, 06:47 AM

:flare::drum::scarf:GAME DAY !!:drum::flare:


(http://www.torontofc.ca/video)Match Preview: TFC vs. New York (http://www.torontofc.ca/news/2014/05/match-preview-tfc-vs-new-york)

World Cup: Toronto FC's Jermain Defoe doesn't think he'll "ever be at... (http://www.newsnow.co.uk/A/713282638?-19896:6206)

Toronto FC gain Defoe but lose Bradley and possibly Cesar (http://www.newsnow.co.uk/A/713281845?-19896:6206)

Toronto FC's Jermain Defoe vows to prove Roy Hodgson wrong (http://www.newsnow.co.uk/A/713281477?-19896:6206)

Defoe returns to Toronto FC lineup, but Bradley out (http://www.newsnow.co.uk/A/713263332?-19896:6206)

Already thin New York Red Bulls take another hit with injury to... (http://www.newsnow.co.uk/A/713271028?-19896:6206)

Toronto FC head coach Ryan Nelsen delighted to add "starting player" in... (http://www.newsnow.co.uk/A/713258807?-19896:6206)

Atiba Hutchinson, Julian de Guzman headline Canadian squad in 2 friendlies (http://www.cbc.ca/sports/soccer/atiba-hutchinson-julian-de-guzman-headline-canadian-squad-in-2-friendlies-1.2645734)

Hutchinson, de Guzman picked to lead Canada (http://www.sportsnet.ca/soccer/hutchinson-de-guzman-picked-to-lead-canada/)

TFC/MLS related blogs (http://forums.redpatchboys.ca/showthread.php?29582-TFC-MLS-blogs-thread)

SUNSHINE (http://www.torontosun.com/sunshine-girl)

05-17-2014, 09:31 AM
'mornin D

and Good morning all!

a scene from last match to get the hype flowing.... See you at BMO/bring the vibes again for the Reds!


also, here's a peak at some fresh swag. Our piece of this year's MLS trading card set. For all members!


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05-17-2014, 09:37 AM
oh also, just heard about this on radio yesterday, could be of interest...

The Canadian Sport Film Festival is happening at TIFF this weekend...and of course a bunch of the films are soccer-related. Up and coming directors, indie type things, premiers, you know...



Fort York Redcoat
05-17-2014, 09:38 AM
What a great day outside! Ready to enjoy a particularily Canadian day. I think I'll wear my Canada jersey today.

Please follow the link in the RPB thread to pick up tix for the U-20 Womens World Cup at BMO.

CANADA. Allez Les Rouges!:canada:


05-17-2014, 11:09 AM

:flare::drum::scarf:GAME DAY !!:drum::flare:

Toronto FC head coach Ryan Nelsen delighted to add "starting player" in... (http://www.newsnow.co.uk/A/713258807?-19896:6206)

Looking forward to the match today.
Unfortunately won't see our new "starting player" in action today because of a red card . . .
We don't like the Impact, but we did like Issey!
All the best Issey . . . .