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01-26-2014, 03:32 PM
The Red Patch Boys are pleased to open the 2014 membership drive! We are trying to expand our membership as much as possible, so please pass the word along to anyone who is interested! We would like to seriously increase our numbers this year!

New members should send an email to membership@redpatchboys.ca (membership@redpatchboys.ca) or speak to or PM any one of the people on the membership team. The email should include your name, your board name (if you have one), your phone number and a time that is best for one of the membership team to give you a call about joining the Red Patch Boys! You can also fill out the online application and we will use that to contact you.

The 2014 membership team is anonymiss, brrgrrl, celt-nick, dawkins, CoachGT, JamboAl, Mr. Bigby, lintberg, lips, Little Red, Miss Jones, scooter, sidvan, Stouffville_RPB, and UltraFootyFanatic.

All members who have joined by March 22nd (the home opener)
will have their board name or their real name embossed
on their 2014 membership card!

And you will be entered into a draw for
a 2014 jersey autographed by Dwayne DeRosario!
Draw held at Shoeless Joes before the game!

Members will receive:

∑ A 2014 Membership Card (please let us know if you would prefer your board name or real name to be put on it)
∑ Other swag (to be determined), including 2014 dog tags;
∑ The chance to participate on one of the RPB teams;
∑ Access to the members sections of the boards;
∑ The chance to participate at RPB only events, such as the year end party and at RPB football tournaments;
∑ The chance to have your child participate as a player escort on the field at a TFC game (subject to availability);
∑ Access to RPB Road Trips, including ticket and hotel deals;
∑ The chance to buy RPB member-only merchandise;
∑ The chance to attend TFC events as a special guest, such as the meeting with Tim Leiwicki at RealSports last year, and some of the early season press conferences this year!

The price of membership is $25 for all members. You'll find out about payment options when you speak to one of the membership team. You will receive a PM confirming your your membership Ė if you donít get one, please send us a note and we will get one to you quickly!

Thanks for being a part of the 2014 Red Patch Boys!

04-18-2014, 12:45 PM
We will be turning members back to registered user status for any that have not renewed by May 4th.