View Full Version : Guadalajara Prejudice

07-27-2013, 12:14 AM
Im not sure where this rant should go so Im starting a thread. Mods please let me know if it qualifies....
I know this has been a hot topic for some time and I have heard all of the arguments for the teams strict and racist regulations.

I cant believe they get away with this crap. This is prejudice and racism and we cannot move forward with teams like this being recognized.


How can they make a player uncommit from a national team just to please a club? A club is there to win domestic silverware and has no relation to international teams. Any argument anyone presents is immediately shot down. If this guy joins up and then goes forward with the US team and then they do anything close to either bench him or force him out they are committing extremely offensive prejudice. They are allowed international players and should take advantage of this. Nothing with their track record recently of supplying the national team has proven that this system actually works.. Instead add the best players available. Make the league better = making the players in the league all better. Better competition will make teams better and in training will add more challenges.

If they supplied half the national team, then fine, but there is no evidence for this. Right now all it is is a marketing ploy to get support from Mexicans everywhere that they are the symbol of mexican soccer yada yada.. But this marketing ploy say in the MLS would be a disaster. It would be front page news.

When you sign a contract with your team they can't control you. I hope this kid goes forward with his US career and really peels this issue right open. A club does not have a say in the commitments of its players to national programs. period.

They are there to develop and supply the national team? Yeah okay... They had 4 out of 23 players at the last world cup. Only 1 of which is still with the team.... Where is there any evidence that their preserving the national team? Show me. Please..