View Full Version : MLS ASG Voting Outcomes

07-14-2008, 01:44 PM
Although there is much I would like to change about the MLS. Like most recently, the officiating. I salute the MLS for their openess and transparency in showing us how the MLS ASG starting 11 were chosen.

The chart in the link below shows 20 of the top vote-getters, with the percentage of total votes within each group that the players received.

Now we know that 3 more will be chosen by MLS Head Office and Tom Anselmi strongly implied that TFC player would make that final cut - or at least he expected them to. As stated at last weeks press conference.

Open the link for tally votes by the Fans, Players, Media, Coach/GMs and combined results.


Of course, Nicol has the final decision on starters.