View Full Version : remember how we played at the skydome?

05-02-2012, 09:29 PM
wasnt it a treat to see atleast one attack minded midfielder playing midfield?

this team on paper has all the pieces to play smart attacking football such as,
1. a creative central attacking midfielder (silva)
2. a strong defensive midfielder (frings)
3. a (potentially) strong box to box midfielder (de guzman, who, if played in the box to box role can make up for his lack of strength, and use his passing)
4. a centre forward capable of holding up the ball, and scored (koevermans)
5. wingers! (lambe and plata, who with koevermans have looked bright)
6. wingbacks! (ecks and morgan, have shown that they can be decent attacking options, provided they arent the only attacking options)

all this team needs is a quick centreback to make up for aceval/canns lack of pace...

and of course winter needs to open his eyes and play these players accordingly

seeing ryan johnston anywhere other than as a CF is painful... his skill set is only fit for that role... 3 defense minded midfielders is never going to create chances! .... if tfc could attack, this defence wouldnt be under so much pressure and in turn will look much better