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06-28-2008, 05:23 AM
Notes from New England

FOXBORO, MASS. -- So I'm in Boston with a headcold and a job to do. Every weather forecast I consulted before I came down called for a hazy, but not too hot, afternoon. Welcome news to me since this bug has my body temperature running a few degrees above normal.
Too bad those forecasts were wrong.
By the time the New England Revolution hit the practice field -- with Taylor Twellman (http://web.mlsnet.com/players/bio.jsp?team=t109&player=twellman_t&playerId=twe385627&statType=current)but without Kenny Mansally (http://web.mlsnet.com/players/bio.jsp?team=t109&player=mansally_a&playerId=man568523&statType=current) -- the temperature had crept to about 31C. And that's without the humidity and my fever.
I felt a small urge to feel sorry for myself because summer colds really do suck, but then I realized there's nothing to hate about my life. It could be much worse. I could be working for a living but instead I'm in Boston on the company's dime, getting paid to write about a soccer game. I'd rather be sick doing this than be healthy doing a job I hate.
And besides, despite what many of you probably think, journalists don't get paid to complain. In actuality, we make money for keeping you guys informed, so here it goes.

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