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06-02-2008, 09:40 AM
Please post other MLS Power Rankings here when you find them.
It would be nice to see differences between several Power rankings.

SBI_Power Ranking:

That sound you hear is some Western Conference powers starting to awaken.
Before the 2008 season began, the Houston Dynamo and Chivas USA were considered the best teams in the West, with a meeting in the conference final a strong likelihood.
That was before both teams got off to horrendous starts.
Things are changing though. Chivas USA, led by star in the making Jorge Flores, has rattled off three straight wins while the Dynamo is 3-1-1 in its past five matches.
Both squads continued their climbs up the SBI MLS Power Rankings, where the idle Chicago Fire still stand at the top.
Here are this week's SBI MLS Power Rankings.

1. (Last week- 1) Chicago Fire (6-2-1)
Week off comes just as McBride rumors start to heat up.

2. (2) New England Revolution (6-3-2)
Showed heart in coming back from 2-0 down, but Revs need to start playing better at home.

3. (4) Toronto FC (5-3-2)
TFC shows that it has one of the deepest benches in MLS. As for Julius James, good luck keeping him out of the lineup Mr. Carver.

4. (7) Chivas USA (4-4-2)
Goals in three straight wins has Jorge Flores emerging as the league's newest teen sensation.

Read more (http://www.soccerbyives.net/soccer_by_ives/2008/06/sbi-mls-power-r.html)

Goal.com MLS Rankings
1. Chicago – Nothing this week changes the Fire’s place atop the heap. (1)
2. Toronto FC – John Carver has a touch of magic right now. (4)
3. New England – Kheli Dube is playing pretty darn well for a team that needs a striker. (3)
4. Columbus – Danny O’Rourke ensured there was no shot Columbus would recover with his early red card. (2)

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some jerk-ass on big soccer (surprisingly not bill archer, i think it was dan loney) had us 13th just ahead of san jose last week

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some jerk-ass on big soccer (surprisingly not bill archer, i think it was dan loney) had us 13th just ahead of san jose last week

Wow! :mad:

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some jerk-ass on big soccer (surprisingly not bill archer, i think it was dan loney) had us 13th just ahead of san jose last week

luckily the cunt doesn't matter.

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SoccerNet Power Ratings

4 (5) Toronto FC 5-3-2

Just one loss in five May matches for the suddenly respectable BMO bunch.


06-02-2008, 01:31 PM
3. (4) Toronto FC (5-3-2)
TFC shows that it has one of the deepest benches in MLS. As for Julius James, good luck keeping him out of the lineup Mr. Carver.

who would of believed that comment at the begining of the season! :)

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I like how in all rankings part from the wankers at BS have put us so high:)

06-17-2008, 10:19 AM
SBI MLS Power Rankings Week `12

1. (2) New England Revolution (8-3-2)
Win in Houston cements the Revs' status as the league's top team and Matt Reis as the early front-runner for MVP.

2. (Last week- 1) Chicago Fire (6-4-1)
Second straight loss was also the Fire's first road loss after perfect 4-0 start..

3. (3) Los Angeles Galaxy (6-4-2)
Offense scores at least three goals for fourth time in five games. As impressive as that is, the Galaxy are about to face toughest stretch of games to date in coming weeks.

4. (5) Toronto FC (6-4-2)
TFC returns to winning ways at home (league-best 5-0-2 at BMO Field), with Rohan Ricketts providing two goals.

5. (8) Columbus Crew (7-4-1)
Snapped its four-match winless streak with a comprehensive shellacking of the struggling Wizards on the road.

6. (9) D.C. United (5-7-1)
With Luciano Emilio looking like an MVP again, D.C. is poised to start putting heat on the East leaders.

7. (4) Houston Dynamo (4-4-5)
Outplayed by the Revs at home, Houston still doesn't quite have that championship form and you wonder who the Dynamo will bring in to bolster the squad.

8. (12) FC Dallas (4-5-4)
Win vs. Chicago was very impressive as Kenny Cooper continues his all-star caliber season.

9. (13) Real Salt Lake (4-5-3)
Win against Chivas USA was team's first road win of the season. With San Jose and KC on the upcoming schedule, RSL will have a chance to make a push in the standings.

10. (6) New York Red Bulls (4-4-3)
They may sport a .500 record but the Red Bulls are a sinking ship that looks poised to hit rock-bottom if reinforcements don't show up ASAP.

11. (7) Chivas USA (4-6-2)
Played well against Real Salt Lake, but losing to RSL at home is still inexcusable and second straight shutout loss is worrisome.

12. (10) Colorado Rapids (5-7)
Rapids lose second straight to fall further down the West standings. Their inconsistency is mind-numbing.

13. (11) Kansas City Wizards (3-5-3)
What happened to the Wizards? A terribly long road trip was a good excuse, but losing 3-0 at home to Columbus leaves us wondering whether KC is just that bad.

14. (14) San Jose Earthquakes (3-7-1)
Just when you think San Jose might put something together after an impressive win, they turn around and deliver another stinker. How's this for a stat: The Earthquakes are 0-3 and have been outscored 8-1 in matches after victories.

06-17-2008, 10:23 AM
ESPN Power Rankings: Week 12 - Revs the class of the league

Rank (Last Wk) Team Record (W-L-T) Comment
1 (1) New England 8-3-2 The Revs continue their regular season hoodoo over the Dynamo.

2 (3) Los Angeles 6-4-2 Who needs Landon? Against the 'Quakes, Edson Buddle was more than enough.

3 (5) Toronto FC 6-4-2 BMO is a fortress once again as Toronto remains unbeaten at home.

4 (2) Chicago 6-4-1 After losing two in a row, maybe this team needs Brian McBride after all.

5 (7) Columbus 7-4-1 The Crew end their five-game winless streak in emphatic fashion.

6 (4) Houston 4-4-5 At least the Dynamo can beat the Revs when it really matters.

7 (10) DC United 5-7-1 As Luciano Emilio goes, so goes United.

8 (12) Dallas 4-5-4 Dallas shows it still has a pulse after its Brimstone Cup win.

9 (9) Colorado 5-7-0 The only team in MLS without a tie continues to find consistency elusive.

10 (8) New York Red Bulls 4-4-3 With Angel injured and Altidore gone, the Red Bulls' once vaunted strike force is in shambles.

11 (6) Chivas USA 4-6-2 Another home loss sends an injury-ridden Chivas team tumbling toward Western basement.

12 (13) Real Salt Lake 4-5-3 A rare road game win should be savored.

13 (11) Kansas City 3-5-3 The Wizards' fast start to the season is all but forgotten.

14 (14) San Jose 3-7-1 By far and away the weakest team in the league.


06-17-2008, 10:23 AM
some jerk-ass on big soccer (surprisingly not bill archer, i think it was dan loney) had us 13th just ahead of san jose last week

is he the one who makes a complete joke of it and pretty much picks teams at random?

06-17-2008, 10:29 AM
CBC's John Molinaro's Power Rankings
Last updated June 16, 2008

Overall record: 8-3-2 (26 points)
Streak: two wins (unbeaten in six)
Another shutout for Matt Reis, the best goalkeeper in MLS.

2. LOS ANGELES GALAXY [up from 3]
Overall record: 6-4-2 (20 points)
Streak: two wins
Edson Buddle proves the Galaxy are more than just Beckham and Donovan.

3. TORONTO FC [up from 5]
Overall record: 6-4-2 (20 points)
Streak: one win
A breakout game by Rohan Ricketts against the Rapids. Now, if only they could win on the road.

4. COLUMBUS CREW [up from 8]
Overall record: 7-4-1 (22 points)
Streak: one win
End winless streak with a demolition job victory over the Wizards.

5. CHICAGO FIRE [down from 2]
Overall record: 6-4-1 (19 points)
Streak: two losses
Brian McBride, where are you?

6. DC UNITED [up from 10]
Overall record: 5-7-1 (16 points)
Streak: two wins (unbeaten in four)
When Luciano Emilio scores, D.C. wins.

7. FC DALLAS [up from 12]
Overall record: 4-5-4 (16 points)
Streak: one win
Could they be starting to make a move in the West?

8. HOUSTON DYNAMO [down from 4]
Overall record: 4-4-5 (17 points)
Streak: one loss
At least they can beat the Revs when it matters.

9. COLORADO RAPIDS [unchanged]
Overall record: 5-7-0 (15 points)
Streak: two losses
The poster boys of inconsistency.

10. NEW YORK RED BULLS [down from 6]
Overall record: 4-4-3 (15 points)
Streak: one loss
The offence is in trouble without Altidore.

11. CHIVAS USA [down from 7]
Overall record: 4-6-2 (14 points)
Streak: two losses
The Goats used to be unbeatable at home. Not any more

12. REAL SALT LAKE [up from 12]
Overall record: 4-5-3 (15 points)
Streak: one win (unbeaten in three)
A rare road win could give them a boost. Or maybe not.

13. KANSAS CITY WIZARDS [down from 11]
Overall record: 3-5-3 (12 points)
Streak: one loss (winless in six)
Can the Wiz get their money back on the Claudio Lopez deal?

14. SAN JOSE EARTHQUAKES [unchanged]
Overall record: 3-7-1 (10 points)
Streak: one loss
Another loss. What else is new?


06-17-2008, 11:07 AM
now if they could only decide what our record actually is between them...lol