View Full Version : Regarding tomorrow's SSG...

05-04-2009, 06:59 PM
...you have been forwarned. Click at your peril.

05-04-2009, 07:02 PM
Maybe denime will just use the same link as he used today - http://"http//www.torontosun.com/sunshinegirl/

05-04-2009, 07:20 PM
Hey, denimes link today was the best I've seen yet!! But jesus. Theres been some BAD bad stuff in that part of the paper. I might click out of morbid curiosity just to see what could be SO bad that we need advanced warning lol. I'm all for equal opportunities and all that, but is it really necessary to have a visually impared guy screening these applicants?! (visually impared! see, its the PC way! haha)

05-04-2009, 07:21 PM
it will not help,you will end up to tomorrows SSG.I have to make note to myself not eat before open/post SSG in the news thread.Last thing I need is :puke:at my work.

05-04-2009, 09:08 PM
I can't even access today's link for the SSG, so I can't tell if she's hot or a bow-wow.